Charcoal Lane is a Mission Australia social enterprise restaurant that provides guidance and opportunity to young Aboriginal people who are in need of a fresh start in life.

The aim of the program is to create a skilled workforce for the hospitality industry, providing leadership and mentoring to help vulnerable young people achieve their potential and gain long-term independence.

Our contemporary menu is seasonally driven and draws on the best of native Australian food.  But what matters most is that the food is truly delicious, the experience of eating here is joyful, and for the young trainees that work here, Charcoal Lane is a truly life-changing experience.

Our team

The staff and trainees who work at Charcoal Lane are as diverse as the food we put on our daily menu.

We might come from a wide range of different backgrounds but we are united in our pride and enthusiasm for what we do – specifically in sharing our passion for native Australian food, culture and hospitality.

It’s a place where people are acknowledged and celebrated for their skills and achievements.

Every day our eclectic team faces new challenges and opportunities, discovers new talents and grows in self-confidence. Take the time to get to know us – we’ve all got our own unique story to tell.

Our chef

Greg Hampton, Executive Chef

“I discovered a love of food at my mother’s side. She is also a cook and she taught me to create dishes that are filled with passion and conviction. This is the ethos behind everything I create. Keeping seasonal produce high on the agenda is critical too.”

With more than 25 years’ experience in kitchens from Cairns to Healesville, Greg is passionate about using and growing native Australian ingredients, fusing them with contemporary cooking techniques to create a flavoursome and balanced menu.

A qualified horticulturalist and teacher, Greg has been teaching young chefs since 2009.

He has designed and delivered a curriculum based on native Australian ingredients at William Angliss Hospitality School and takes great pride in handing down his knowledge and skills to the trainees at Charcoal Lane.

Our food

“I want to create dishes that represent, to me, a modern Australian food identity.”
- Greg Hampton, Charcoal Lane Executive Chef
At Charcoal Lane, we are proud to showcase the incredible array of fruits, vegetables and herbs this land has to offer, by creatively combining them to produce modern native Australian cuisine.

Our seasonal menu is carefully considered, pairing flavours that at first glance might appear unrelated but are actually deeply connected.

We are passionate about telling the story of native ingredients and paying respect to Australian culture, land and environment. Just like our people, there’s a fascinating story behind every taste that will tantalise you from the first mouthful to the last.

Our trainee support program

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